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Bar Toner

Bar Toner

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Mobile Gym=Bar Toner

What do we mean by "mobile gym" ?

Thank you for asking, essentially the Bar Toner allows you to tone & target any specific part of your body with its unique and powerful exercises. Going out of town but want to continue staying fit? The Bar Toner can be detached into two halves allowing you to take it virtually anywhere!

The Bar Toner Body 

What's the Bar Toner Body?

The Bar Toner Body is the result of using the Bar Toner to earn the body you deserve. From bubble butts to firm arms, the Bar Toner has many fun & effective exercises to achieve such goals.

Spice up your workouts

Let's be honest traditional workouts and forms get a bit old after a while. With the Bar Toner, you will have a new, fun, and unique way of working out and practicing pilates that will never get old!

Bar Toner Specs

What are its features?

The Bar Toner is made of:

    • Extremely Durable
    • Elastic Ropes
    • Portable Detachable Bars
    • Thick Foam Coated Bar
    • Secured Foot Loops
The Bar Toner's measurements are:
    • Elastic Ropes - 33 inch / 84 cm 
    • Bar - 39 inch / 99 cm 


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